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Hypnotherapy has been described as "the evocation and utilization of unconscious learnings"

Or another way of putting it, is to say that it is using the imagination to learn a new way of thinking.

Milton Erikson

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How does it work?


At birth, we arrive into the world with our mind a blank canvas, onto which many thoughts, feelings and impulses are learnt, from the care-givers around us. In many cases these lessons are not helpful and once embedded can compromise our feelings and lifestyles, making each day a massive challenge for many people.  

However, what has been learnt can be un-learnt.  Using deep relaxation techniques, hypnotherapy helps us reverse unhelpful thinking styles and learn new beneficial patterns of behaviour.

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All types of phobia can hold you back in life and diminish your enjoyment of everyday activities.  No matter what the phobia Hypnotherapy can lift it.



Everyone feels stressed and anxious from time to time.  We need a certain amount of stress to stop us from having accidents for instance!  But when it starts to overwhelm and compromise your lifestyle, a few hypnotherapy sessions will be the first step to keeping those feeling in their place.

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Obsessive compulsive disorder can be very successfully treated with hypnotherapy.  Changing the way you react and think, and calming the mind, are much easier to do in a relaxed hypnotic state.

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Addictions can easily creep up on you, and before you know it your day is ruled by these unhelpful patterns of behaviour.  Hypnotherapy is very successful in training the mind to let go of addictive impulses.

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When you contact me via email  please tell me a little about what it is you would like help with.  I can then ascertain how long the session allocation should be.  All sessions are completely confidential.  

 Typically a session lasts for one hour for most people, but some clients find one and a half hours more beneficial.  In the first half hour the client and I discuss what has brought them to see me.  What changes in their lifestyle could be beneficial and how to start on the road to recovery.  The second half of the session we will start the deep relaxation techniques and the hypnotic induction.  During this the client will be able to enjoy relaxing deeply and being much more able to change their thinking style under my direction.  Sessions can be online or in person, whatever suits the client.


A narrow focus of attention can be achieved without falling asleep, which is a relaxed focussed state of mind, and some people become so relaxed that they enter the REM (rapid eye movement) state and this is highly beneficial as it is the period of light sleep when we can lay down new patterns of thinking and interpreting the world.  It provides the mechanism for updating existing ways of thinking. You will still be aware of my voice, but you will enter more of a trance like state. We naturally enter a trance like state every day, when for instance watching tv or reading, and our locus of attention is very narrowed  blocking outside influences unwittingly when we focus.
Being guided into the REM state enables the client to facilitate changes to unhelpful thinking styles and form new helpful patterns of behaviour.


The Human Givens model of Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy, (to quote the Human Givens College) is summed up thus...

"At its core, Human Givens therapy is a highly empowering idea – that human beings, like all organic beings, come into this world with a set of human needs. If those needs are met appropriately, it is not possible to be mentally ill. Perhaps no more powerful a statement could ever be made about the human condition: If human beings' needs are met well enough, they won't get depressed; they cannot have acute anxieties and stress, they won't fall into the grip of addictions. It is just not possible."  

So with that premise in mind, during the sessions, we will work together to unlearn any unhelpful learnt behaviour and de-traumatise any past events which are holding you back.   We will also work together to put in place steps to bring meaning to your life, and start to help meet any missing inate human needs which will enable you to lead a full and emotionally healthy life.


I offer online sessions which are £80 per hour,  or face to face sessions which are £90 per hour.  The sessions consist of 30 minutes of Solution focussed Psychotherapy and 30 minutes of Hypnotherapy, and they are tailored to the needs of the individual client.   In most cases only 1-6 sessions are usually necessary to see real change in thinking style. 

To arrange an appointment or ask any questions about this type of therapy, please email me at  We can arrange to have a free pre-session phone call to talk through the issues you would like to overcome. I can offer Solution Focussed Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy for anxiety, stress, OCD, phobias, and PTSD, plus many other conditions which hold people back and prevent them from living their life to the full.  

I also offering Hypnotherapy for smoking cessation .  Initially I offer a free online or phone consultation where we can talk over what you can expect to achieve which lasts for about 10 to 20 minutes.  Then if you would like to go ahead, the first session of Hypnotherapy for this issue will be £290 for a 1.5 hour session with a follow up session (if necessary, and it quite often is not required) at £50.  Smoking cessation can quite often be achieved with one Hypnotherapy session.

1 - 2  sessions are usually enough to rid yourself of this expensive and unhealthy addiction!

I live near Clapham South tube station in SW London and see clients at home or online.  Paid on street parking outside.

If you are interested in any of these types of Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy sessions please be in touch via email, and we can discuss an appointment time.  Payment is via Paypal or online bank transfer and payable after your first session.


Using the 'Human Givens' method of short therapy, most clients see an improvement after session 1, and typically 1 - 3 sessions will be enough to lift the problem. Very embedded issues may take up to 6 sessions to lift.

The sessions can be once a week or more frequently.  We can discuss what is most convenient and beneficial for you when you have had your first session and take it from there.


I have had many jobs over the years, including Waitress, Fashion Designer, Graphic Designer, Counsellor, Parent (hardest of them all) and now most recently, a Hypnotherapist.  

I have a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Solution Focussed Psychotherapy from Brighton University. 

I am registered with the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council of the UK.  (GHR) and have full professional indemnity insurance. I have basic DBS clearance.

I live and work in SW London near Clapham South tube (7 minutes walk).  I also work at the Wellness Centre at Putney Bridge.

Please email me on the address below and include your phone number.  I can happily call or email you to discuss how I can be of help.

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At All in the Mind, your mental health and well-being is all important to me. I love helping my patients develop the tools they need to cope with life’s challenges. It is wonderful to see Clients moving forward and letting go of so many unhelpful unconscious thoughts and habits, and seeing them develop and thrive in a just s few sessions of Hypnotherapy. Contact me today to see how I can support you.
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